My shiny new blog!

My favorite new years resolution would definitely have to be to do more of the many pinterest projects that are quickly piling up on my boards, and clogging my to do lists. As a lover of DIY projects, cooking, and photography I spend WAY too much time “pinning” and not nearly enough time “doing”. I’ve made it a personal goal to do one pinterest project every single week, whether it’s small or large (this weeks project for example is to try the toothpaste trick I learned to fix scratched DVDs that will no longer play). Other projects are much more fun, and those are on the list as well. I will post about my endeavors here because these projects are so much more when you get to share them with fellow DIY lovers. I also love to write about my daily life, post pictures, inspiring quotes, recipes, ect.

My first question for you is this: What’s the most recent success you’ve had a with a pinterest or any DIY project?